Some seem to be born confident with a natural ability to connect with others.

 I wasn’t. I had to work for it.

Having grown up in a small town in rural Sweden never made me believe that I had it in me to be at ease around people. To be outgoing, to have confidence and to be myself.

Few of us want to admit to ourselves that we have flaws. That we have things that we need to work on. I sure didn’t want to… and as a result I always struggled to fit in.

Instead of working on myself I decided to take the easy way out and just avoid anyone who could make me feel like I didn’t belong. I told myself that I didn’t need anyone. That I’d be fine by myself. That people weren’t smart or cool enough for me to spend time with anyways.

And as a result my world got very small, and lonely.

It felt like I had completely lost control but in order for me to take it back I would have to be honest with myself and admit that I was the one who had to change – not everyone else. 


If you would have told me back then that when I got older…

– I could go out and make friends with a stranger sitting next to me at a coffee shop.

– Strike up a conversations with girls I liked in the supermarket or when I’d see them walking down the street.

– Travel the world or move to new countries on my own and never worry about being alone.

… I would have told you that you were full of sh*t.

But this is exactly what happened as I decided to swallow my pride and admit to myself that I was not as cool and likable as I had made myself out to be.

As I started working on all of these skills that I previously would never had admitted to myself that I lacked the world instantly got bigger, friendlier and I finally felt like I was in control of where I was going in life.

It felt like anything was possible.

“As soon as you meet Robin you feel comfortable right away because of the way he talks and his relaxed attitude. Just by being around him you pick up a lot of things you can use yourself and with his knowledgeable coaching he can help you, like he helped me, to change for the better.

I would highly recommend Robin if you’re looking to be more confident and take control of your social life!”

Lars, Meetings & Event Host, London

“When I met Robin he took the time to understand the areas I was struggling with the most and gave me actionable advice that I could start implementing straight away.

Robin really cements the idea that social skills are something you can genuinely improve upon if you put in the work and he also taught me some things that has completely changed the way I look at conversations.”

Michael, Digital Marketing Executive, London

I also realized that as long as you’re willing to admit to yourself that you’re not great at something you’ve actually taken the first, hardest and most important step towards fixing the problem.

Having the ability to talk and connect with anyone is a superpower. A superpower I realized can be taught.

Now – if you are ready to embark on the same journey as I did years ago and be brutally  honest with yourself, face your fears and work on your flaws in order to become better at connecting with the world around you… I know how to get you there.

It took me a long time to find the courage to take that first step but you… you’re already here.

That first and most uncomfortable step has already been taken.

Let me help you take the next one.

Robin Sundström – People Skills & Confidence Coach – London