Do you want to become fearless in social situations, stop feeling awkward around people and gain the ability to talk to anyone?

Cool! You’ve come to the right place.

Right now I’m offering everyone new to my coaching a FREE 60-minute intro session to give you an opportunity to find out how you can become a confident and charismatic people person.

Just send an email to: and I’ll get back to you to set up a time for a video call or face to face to get you started on this journey.


“It’s remarkable how natural Robin is with people and how he puts you at ease as he’s coaching you. I was struck by how he was able to interact with complete strangers and he also showed me that there’s definitely another way of doing this that made it seem possible for me to achieve too.”

Jeremie, CTO & Start-up Co-founder, London

“During the coaching session we walked and talked and towards the end we even approached some strangers to make conversation. Overall it was an eye-opening afternoon and Robin has motivated me to make more of an effort to take control of my social life.”

Simon, London

“I found Robins’ patience, calm, composure and presence very inspirational and would recommend him to both guys and girls who would want to improve their social skills.”

Ben, Technical Risk Analyst, London

Robin Sundström – People Skills & Confidence Coach – London