The Fearless Programme is an interactive coaching programme designed to give you maximum results in the shortest amount of time when it comes to developing your people skills and confidence. 

During the course of the programme you’ll receive 1-2-1 coaching in real life scenarios in central London for you to be able to observe how to break the ice and have conversations with complete strangers.

You’ll receive live demonstrations based on your own goals and level of comfort and then be able to apply what you’ve seen straight away with me next to you at all times to provide you with support and instant feedback when needed.

After each session you’ll receive a follow up email with the feedback you’ve been given during our time together combined with a few exercises you can practice in your own time before we meet up again.

The exercises will always be tailored to your personal needs to help you develop your people skills and confidence as quickly as possible.

“My experience with Robin was a real breakthrough for me. During the sessions I could witness first hand how many different ways there are to connect with people, learn from them and apply the same techniques myself. I was able to do things that I never thought would have been possible for me. Starting conversations with strangers seemed impossible only a few weeks ago before I learned how to effectively use my voice and body language in social situations. Robin also gave me a lot of guidance for the future and showed me how to practice my conversational skills on a daily basis and make this new way of interacting my default approach. A whole new social life has just opened up for me and I’m very grateful for Robin’s guidance!”  
Juli, Designer, London


With this programme you’ll be able to take massive leaps in terms of developing your level of comfort around people and improve upon the things that are guaranteed to bring your interactions to the next level.

Things such as vocal tonality, body language and conversation skills – combined with the accountability and support a coach provides.  

During the course of this programme (consisting of 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions) you’ll make a lot of visible progress in terms of how you present yourself and interact with other people and as long as you stick with the habits and techniques you’re about to learn – you’ll be able to get everything you want out of your social life.


Robin Sundström – People Skills & Confidence Coach – London